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    This study examines Assessing Maritime Security, Information Communication and Technology. This study examine the impact of ICT on port productivity, factors influencing information and communication on port productivity and evaluating the factors influencing Security on Maritime Operations.

     The methodology employed involves using quantitative data that involves output and input related to the port productivity function. Data were collected through the questionnaire (primary data) administered on respondents. Our findings gives a concise in depth on the impact of ICT on port productivity, factors influencing ICT on port productivity and evaluate the factors influencing security on Maritime Operations. However, self deficiency, lack of funds, security concern, inappropriate ICT policies and economic constraints negatively influenced ICT on port productivity.

            The result of the findings showed that increase in surveillance equipment, cargo scanning equipment, security freight initiative improves, maritime security operations. Also skill deficiency, lack of funds and inappropriate ICT policy are major factors influencing ICT on port productivity.

            It was concluded that these factors influence ICT on port productivity and also mar the performance of port productivity. Furthermore, funds should be made available in order to enhance security on maritime operation and workers should be trained and re-trained in order to improve competence on security issues.